How Do I Get a Variance or Exception?

One of the most common questions we are asked at the Drumright City Hall is, “How do I get a zoning variance or exception?” Here’s How!

Steps to Obtain a Variance or Exception

1. Resolve all court issues, if any. Commission meetings don’t take the place of court.
2. Resolve all Code enforcement issues, if any. As mentioned in the previous item, commission meetings don’t take the place of court.
3. By law, all items on an agenda must be advertised for 48 hours on line and at City Hall.
4. Zoning Issues require a public hearing. This requires posting a request in the newspaper, posting the request at City Hall, and sending certified mail to all property owners within 300 feet of your property. The newspaper ad and the certified letters that must be sent out are your expense.
5. Neighbors and residents are given 30 days to comment.
6. The Zoning Board meets, if necessary, and makes a recommendation to the City Commission.
7. The City Commission approves or disapproves the request.

Information You will Need to Provide to Request a Zoning Board Meeting

1. Year, make, and model of the mobile home, if applicable.
2. If an out building, year, make, model, and size.
3. Photos recommended, but not required
4. Plan for how this structure will be brought up to code, prior to anyone living in the building
5. Water and sewer are legally required
6. Lots where property will be located
7. Where building will be placed on the lot/lots (to ensure setback requirements are met)

Any questions, contact City Manager Mark Whinnery at 918-352-2631 extension 15.

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