Lot split Umberham/Garner

City of Drumright


A public hearing shall be held on Monday March 14, 2016 at 7 p.m. at City Hall, 122 W Broadway, by the Drumright City Commission regarding a request for a lot split. The legal description is as follows:

A piece, parcel or tract of land lying in the SE/4 of Section 31 Township 18 North, Range 7 East of the Indian Base and Meridian, Creek County, Oklahoma more particularly described as follows:

Beginning at a point 461.67 feet South and 246.47 feet East of the NW Corner of said SE/4 which is a found iron pin; thence N 00̊34’56” W a distance of 80.00’; thence N 89̊25’04” E a distance of 262.45 to the West RW line of the Drumright Truck Bypass’; thence S 36̊49’50” W along said Truck Bypass a distance of 100.72’; thence S 89̊25’04” W a distance of 201.26’ to the point of beginning, having an area of 18548.24 square feet, 0.426 acres

Comments may be made at the public hearing, or may be sent to the City Clerk at 122 W Broadway, Drumright OK 74030.

If you have any questions, please call the City Manager, Mark Whinnery, at 918-352-2631, extension 15.

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