Public Hearing 1001 W Broadway St – Signs

City of Drumright

Public Hearing Notice

The City of Drumright Zoning Board will hold a Public Hearing at City Hall at 122 W Broadway St on Thursday June 7, 2018 at 2 p.m. regarding a request for a sign variance at 1001 W Broadway St in Drumright.

Specifically, the following signs are requested:

• Surface Sign, Building Front, 28.25 square feet (sf)
• Snap Frame, Building Front, 24 sf
• Snap frame, building front, 8.56 sf
• Three (3) house logos on a canopy, 17.49 sf each
• Two (2) house logos on the diesel canopy, 17.49 sf each
• House logo, freestanding, on a pylon sign, 59.87 sf
• Price sign, freestanding, on a pylon sign, 31.86 sf
• Weathervane, Freestanding, on a pylon sign, 1.5 sf
• Truck Entrance and Truck Exit Signs, freestanding, 3.95 sf each

Questions or comments may be sent to City Manager Mark Whinnery via email at or by phone at (918) 352-2631 extension 15.

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